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Leadership Team

Spruce Streets Leadership 


Eric D. Williams

"Education should not give the learner the answer but should provide the learner with the necessary tools and raise the necessary questions to help the learner discover the answer."

—Eric D. Williams, 2002


With more than 20 years of ministry experience, the Reverend Eric D. Williams is a Mississippi-native and graduate of Prentiss High School in Prentiss, Mississippi; Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi; and The Interdenominational Theological Center/Morehouse School of Religion in Atlanta, Georgia. Prior to being elected to serve as pastor for Spruce Street, Williams served Farish Street Baptist Church as assistant to pastor in Jackson, Mississippi. Williams is also the former pastor of Greater Pleasant View Baptist Church in Brentwood, Tennessee.


Williams has served President of the Stones River District Association Congress of Christian Education, First Vice Moderator of the Stones River District Association. He currently serves as the President of the Tennessee Baptist Missionary and Education Convention Congress of Christian Education, and administrator for the Department of Church Ministry in the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education. Williams is employed at the Sunday School Publishing Board as the State Director for the Tennessee Baptist Missionary and Educational Convention, Inc.



We are a congregation that lives as a witness of the love of God demonstrated in Jesus Christ. What does it mean to live as a witness of God’s love shown in Jesus Christ? I believe that Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus will shed light on this question and provide us with the way forward. When Jesus says to Nicodemus, “For in this way God loved the world, so that he gave his one and only Son, in order that everyone who believes in him will not perish, but will have eternal life.” 


I believe that John reveals the depth of God’s love in the words of Jesus. God is willing to give God’s all. God is ready to give God’s best. And if we would accept God’s love, then we would have a life filled with love—enduring love. Further evidence of God’s love can be seen in verse 17. God did not send Jesus into the world to condemn the world. He sent Jesus to save, secure, protect the world.  


Our goal as a congregation is to show how much God loves us by giving ourselves to the ministry of our Lord Christ. 


Brothers Building Brothers (B3) Men’s Ministry

The Brothers Building Brothers (B3) Men’s Ministry provides encouragement and opportunities for men to grow into a life of faithful discipleship through fellowship, prayer, study, and service. This ministry focuses on building leadership skills and camaraderie among men in the ministry and in life.


Deacons and Deaconess

The Deacons and Deaconesses help the pastor and other leaders maintain the smooth operation of the church and its meetings. They help to maintain reverence in the sanctuary worship and assist with duties such as baptismal ceremonies, communion service, baby dedications, etc. This ministry is also charged with caring for the congregation when members may be sick and shut-in or hospitalized.


Family Life Ministry

The Family Life Ministry focuses on the family with the charge of strengthening relationships and helping develop a sense of belonging. The ministry helps families and individuals identify and nurture spiritual gifts, encourages ministry involvement, discipleship and recognizes and provides resources that support the family unit and the elderly.


Ministerial Staff

The Ministerial Staff functions as a support team for the Senior Pastor. The ministry consists of men and women of God who have ministry of preaching and been called into the ministry of preaching and selected by the Pastor to serve in this capacity. Of highest importance to each minister will be to maintain personal standards of Godliness based on Biblical principles and to adhere to the church covenant. The Ministerial Staff provides support in church operations, ministry, counsel, and services, as needed.


Music Ministry

The Music Ministry serves the purpose of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through song by leading the congregation in the worship experience. The Music Ministry sets the tone of the service through musical expression and incorporates many styles of gospel music to elevate worship of God in spirit and in truth.


Sister Strengthening Sisters (S3) Women’s Ministry

The Sisters Strengthening Sisters (S3) Women’s Ministry strives to empower women and create connections for the spiritual growth and development in their walk with Christ. The ministry plans the annual Women’s Day activities, fundraisers and social events and hosts awareness programs.

Sunday School Ministry

The Sunday School Ministry focuses on effectively carrying out the teaching ministry of Christ. The ministry provides an interactive opportunity for adults, adolescents, and children to acquire knowledge about Christian Education, through fellowship and active participation in classroom instruction.  


Tuesday Feeding Program

The Tuesday Feeding Program aims to provide free meals for seniors and other community members in need. The ministry serves meals in-person as well as makes deliveries to those with limited mobility. The program seeks to improve the nutritional health of the community by providing hot meals and the spiritual health of the community by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.



The Trustees have responsibility for the care and upkeep of church property, including the oversight and/or actual doing of janitorial work, repairs, grounds maintenance, interior decorating, and small renovations.


Usher Ministry

The Usher Ministry is on the frontlines of greeting members and visitors and making them feel welcome when they walk through the doors. They assist in helping individuals find seating in the sanctuary, control traffic flow, support the pastoral staff and leadership during services, such as distributing handouts/programs, delivering messages, etc.


Vareda Williams Missionary Circle

The Vareda Williams Missionary Circle is a group of dedicated women who promote Christian fellowship, evangelism, and outreach. The ministry reaches out to those who are hurting, practices and promotes the power of prayer, celebrates member birthdays and other special occasions, and leads efforts in collecting items for food baskets and community charitable organizations that support women and children.


Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry offers innovative and energetic group interaction among youth with the main objective and focus to become disciples of Christ. In addition to encouraging and nurturing involvement in the life of the church, the Youth Ministry organizes ministry trips, fun outings, and retreats, and plans the annual Youth Recognition Day each June to celebrate student accomplishments, high school, and college graduates.

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